Live. Love. Laugh…..

Hello, and welcome to Kariba Photography! I’m so excited to share this site with you!

I’m a lovable, young and fresh photographer who loves capturing the now! I specialize in natural light photography with a bold and vibrant approach to the way I capture my clients.

1. My favorite colors are Green, Orange, Pink, and yellow really does make me smile! And I can’t forget Black… hahah I wear a lot of black and splash colors in here and there.
2. I take my camera almost EVERYWHERE I go.
3. Nigerian American, and love to travel.
4. Play the Piano and Violin… I love the ARTS!
5. I graduated from Washington State University, Go Cougs!
6. MAC cosmetics… a slight obsession
7. I have fun big hair and it matches my personality!
8. During sessions I can’t stop myself from singing. It’s always something different too!

It all started back when I was a little girl. I always loved taking pictures. It went from disposable cameras to multiple compact flash cameras to my first digital SLR camera! Whew… what a journey, and I’m still on it!

Laughter is key in most everything that I do! Why not find humor in our day-to-day lives! Since we do not get ‘second’ chances with the moments in our lives, it is so important to capture the now so that yesterday will never be forgotten. There is so much to be happy about in life! Capturing those memories and moments in a photograph is priceless. Literally a gift that keeps on giving!  Live. Love. Laugh…. I try to make each moment picture perfect!